Remember, you're a customer, too.

Posted on by Laura Hamlyn

If you're like me (and a lot of marketers), you do a ton of online research. And, sometimes, you don't quite know what you're looking for. But something catches your eye, like a new article about smart phones, running tips, or travel trends. Next thing you know, you're buying a new phone or booking a trip.

I'm a marketer--I sell stuff for a living. But I'm a customer, too!

Just because you're a marketer doesn't mean you can't (or don't want to) be sold something. Just because you know all the tricks doesn't mean you're immune to nurture.

It's important to have that kind of perspective, especially when you read articles like this, from Fast Company:

Consumers are hungry for more relevant content experiences, and some want a deeper experience with their favorite brands, which would drive consumption of brand-related content within social channels.

Think about your favorite brands. You don't want to hear from them as a marketer, you want to hear from them as an expert in their field. You want them to believe so much in what they're selling that they don't have to act like a barker at a carnival competing for slim margins or selling via spectacle.

So, when you're writing, remember, you're not selling features and benefits (Smaller! Easier! Faster!?!). You're selling your expertise. You're a guide in the all-too crowded marketplace of cloud and business IT. You're giving people relevant insights in return for their time.

It sounds like the Golden Rule, but it's true: Sell to others the way you'd like to be sold.