Master class

Posted on by Laura Hamlyn

I just attended the Content Marketing Institute's (CMI) Content Marketing Master Class. Most of us want to master something in our lifetime. Writers, especially, know a little about a lot--so right off the bat, this class caught my attention. Also, I've seen CMI founder, Joe Pulizzi, speak before, and found him to be very humble and helpful. His new CMI partner, Robert Rose, ended up doing most of the speaking, and he kept things authentic and meaningful throughout. Definitely recommend this for several reasons:

Content - Very relevant to marketers who are trying to make content marketing programs stick. Not for beginners, but not so advanced that you feel like a loser who's behind on every level.

Time - Time is our most valuable possession. This is a one-day class, so it's an easy day trip.

Focus - I felt like I got enough info without being overwhelmed--and it was the right info for me. Also they gave us an exercise at the beginning of the class, and asked us to build on it all day. So we had something personal to show for the day away from our desk jobs.

The slides are up on SlideShare,