Just doing it. (I'm taking an online tagline writing class.)

Posted on by Laura Hamlyn

Are taglines still useful? Or are they crutches we lean on to explain what we really mean? Are they relevant to today's more conversational style? Or are the even more needed because we can't retain a phrase or idea that's longer than 8 words? Should they even be called taglines?

When done well, taglines are quotable. They're memorable. And they're defining. When done poorly, they're a bad bumpersticker that you can't just peel off.

Some people I respect hate taglines. Another person I respect encouraged me to take an online tagline writing class taught by McKinney copywriter Jenny Nicholson.

No matter whether or not they're used well, taglines are very much with us, and writing a good tagline is still an art I'd like to practice. This is like a core workout for writers. We will whittle away the fat to reveal smooth, rippling short phrases.


Distiling ideas into lyrical, foreshortenend language reminds me of writing poetry, and I believe that's what good copywriting--and tagline writing--can sound like.

This Saturday Night Live Vagisil skit might make you believe in taglines again.