raw material

Posted on by Laura Hamlyn


This isn't fully cooked. Instead of sharing something more fleshed out, here's what I'm reading/injesting/chewing on this week:

The resume is dead. Long live the bio. - I have a lot to learn from this article. Let's face it--resumes have some catching up to do. Everyone is putting themselves out there via social media/blogs, and the resume is still in the B&W Times Roman realm.

What/how/why to write - There's a ton of advice out there on this subject, but this article seems to hit a nerve with every bold subhead. I see words that mean a lot to me like involvement, honest, value and desire to belong. And it's not advice just for companies or bloggers--it swings both ways.

Skip "about me" and tell me why you're here - I love this "Why I blog" post by social media guru Shannon Paul. A post like this is a great alternative to an About Me section on your blog. Telling me why you're here reveals your motives and creates trust.

Brands as patterns - The title of this article is fascinating to me because I've long been a proponent of repitition with my branding projects. So what's the difference between creating brands through patterns vs. repitition?