I've been a writer most of my life, and have written professionally for around 18 years. Writers are becoming more specialized. Our craft is evolving with our ever-changing set of publication tools: websites, social media, video, native advertising, ebooks, etc. My focus as always been advertising. I have my master's degree in advertising copywriting from the Brandcenter in Richmond, Va. More recently, I've worked in leadership roles where I am challenged to empower teams to advocate for great content.

I called this blog "meaning makers" because no matter the medium, writers must make their message matter. While not everyone can program a web page or design a logo, everybody is a writer. To truly master our craft, we have to connect messages directly to our readers. We must know our subject matter and the medium, and we must understand what matters to our audience. That's why meaning matters, and ultimately, what I want to advocate for in this busy, overstimulating place we live and work in today.